Wall Art -  Watercolor Blue Sea Whale Canvas  Poster (A-19)

Wall Art - Watercolor Blue Sea Whale Canvas Poster (A-19)

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"From the deepest blue of the ocean a mighty giant rises. Calling into the dark depths then rising to meet the sun, it lifts it's mass out of the darkness into the radiant light in a display of power that is seldom seen. It's haunting echoes call to your soul as you listen in the dead deep silence. Only the sound of the waves churning can be heard from the distance surface world. As you fall with the mighty ocean giant back into the nether region of the abyss from which it rose, the Blue Whales song calls in a unique harmony that only a few can appreciate". - James M. Vines

* Watercolor Wall Art  Blue Sea Whale Painting on Canvas sheet. 

* Ideal decor for Kids room, Living room , Bedroom, Office

* Waterproof  , Never fades, No cracks.

* Available in  3 sizes to choose from .

* Comes without a frame.